Y Money Y gets the scoop on what the TalkTalk fraudsters are up to

Stop press – we played a sizeable part in leading the media coverage of TalkTalk’s cyber attack last week, and got another fine scoop in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph to boot.

We broke the first known case of an individual getting contacted by TalkTalk hackers on the Guardian website on Friday.


The story explained how Iain Frater nearly fell victim to a very convincing phishing scam more than 24 hours before the data breach was publicly announced – sparking questions about why the company left it so long to raise the alarm.

The story was the third most popular story on the Guardian’s business section and helped the public to understand what this criminal gang was up to.

We then published the first and so far only detailed analysis about the hackers’ tactics on Mirror Money, explaining how they interrupt web connections before contacting customers in an attempt to trick them into installing malware on their computers.


If you’re worried about the TalkTalk hack, this feature will give you all the advice you need to ensure you stay safe.

Finally, in another boost to our credibility, the MailOnline nicked our case study, Iain, for their leader coverage of the scandal on Friday night (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…)

Tomorrow, we bring you the scoop that a bank has quietly settled a huge PPI complaint that was previously rejected in a move that could spark a whole new deluge of claims.

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