When should we start saving for retirement? Iona’s new column for iNews

I was honoured to become a weekly columnist for the iNewspaper earlier this year.

Here on Young Money, I’ll give you a taster of what I’ve been writing about every Wednesday to pique your interest, before linking to the full column on iNews.co.uk the following day.

Today, I’m talking about when to start saving for your retirement. When should you start saving for retirement? Pension firms reckon the sooner the better. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has a slightly different take…

In my latest column in today’s i Newspaper, I’m weighing up whether it’s better to start early and prioritise higher pension contributions over other goals, or to contribute what you can, balance your saving with other needs and aim to make up for lost time when you’re more comfortable.

There are no easy answers here but I think the IFS research raises interesting, important questions about the advice we give young people about their pensions. In my new book Own It, I encourage young people to save what they can, when they can, but I don’t pretend the high targets thrown around by some actuaries are always achievable.

Ultimately, it’s about the art of the do-able, and I end with (hopefully) some helpful suggestions. Check it out by picking up a copy of the iNewspaper today!

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