VIDEO: Happy Easter – and new financial year! Isas, pension hikes and extreme moneysaving

It’s a new financial year, and the blog is back! After a short break for birthday festivities and a tour around the North of England, we’re restarting our video series just in time to explore the BIG issues triggered by the start of a new tax season.
Traditionally, this is the time when the financial media goes dotty about ISAs, or the Individual Savings Account.
It’s 20 years old (happy birthday!) and has changed dramatically since its inception – particularly in recent times. The amount you can put into these accounts has grown, and so have all the options. It’s not just for saving, but investing and peer-to-peer lending too.
We all get an ISA allowance of £20,000 that starts on the 4 April – that’s £20k you can stash away, tax-free.
Does Isa season *really* matter to young people? Why has this stalwart product declined in recent times, and can it still do anything really valuable for your finances? Iona provides the answers…

Pension contributions also went up for full-time workers this week, bringing the double-edged sword of potentially more generous retirement funds (yay!) but lower take-home pay in the here and now (not so yay). I look at why most young workers should stay enrolled, but also why there is no room for complacency when it comes to workplace pensions.
Plus, what do we need to know about investing amid the current Brexit brouhaha? Many younger people who have never experienced a financial crash as direct investors will be understandably nervous about current political events. As the new Isa season begins, I take a look at my own investing decisions over the past year and draw some important conclusions.
Finally, we can all be a tight ass sometimes (admit it!) Extreme scrimping is not necessarily the only way to be good with money – and it may lose you a few friends! – but a few ingenious money saving whizzes undoubtedly make a big difference to our bottom line. To celebrate the 50th podcast of our friends over at the Financial Wellbeing Podcast, I’ve decided to share my tight ass tips with you. See if you approve…or not!
Plus the latest updates from Young Money world, including an upcoming programme for Radio 4 and a filming project in Scotland…it’s all here in this week’s video.

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