Two bits of personal news from Young Money Blog!

2020 has been an exciting and productive year so far for Young Money – and we’re only in the second month! Here’s a recap of what we’ve achieved:

⭐7 speaking engagements in 6 different cities

⭐the relaunch of Young Money World on YouTube, notching up several thousand views on social media

⭐appearances on Radio 4 as well as the Spectator & Smart Consumer Podcasts

⭐the announcement of my second book, which will be published through Harriman House later this year

I’m taking time out to write my book!

This is why I won’t be blogging or popping up on your screens as much over the next few months.

This book is going to be EPIC when it’s finished but in the meantime, I need to completely commit to it. So I will be less active on the blog and social media for the next few months. I won’t be around as much to reply to emails, messages or comments, though I will always try to prioritise responding to my lovely readers!

I will also be sending fewer newsletters, though I will still be publishing videos through the Young Money World video channel and taking on some commissions until April through the Young Money Agency. So if you’re interested in working with me, please do get in touch!

…and some medical news (caution advised if you are squeamish)

As well as finishing my second book, I’m having to take some time out in April to fix a longstanding medical issue. When I was about 5, some boys were chasing me in the school playground and I ran, face-first, into a stone wall. I had to have quite extensive reconstructive surgery on my mouth, but my nose also took quite a bash. It has got progressively worse and it has started to affect my breathing, sleep and overall health in a big way.

I now need to have an operation to fix my nose, which requires at least three weeks of recovery time. That means I’ll be completely out of action for most of April. I won’t be able to take on any filming, broadcast slots or speaking engagements over this period – though I’ll be slowly getting back to normal after Easter. So I’ll be able to do some work from home later in the month and I hope to be completely back to normal just before May.

Thanks to all you amazing readers and supporters in advance – I can’t wait to finish my book and get this operation done so Young Money can get bigger and even better! 😊

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