Hustle for better housing

Home sweet home? Hmm, maybe not. These days, many millennials are struggling to find an affordable roof over their heads. A home is a basic human right, but reasonable rents, fair leaseholds and the ability to acquire property are far from a given. Young people are paying a high price for our messed-up housing market – but we have more options than we think.


Find out if you're ready to quit renting and start saving for your first home.

NOW LIVE: Shake it!

There are a few magic money trees to help home savers on their way. Suss out the right one for you.

NOW LIVE: Match up

You've saved hard - so here's how to find a home that's worth swiping right on.

NOW LIVE: Beware the Builders

Plenty of schemes purport to help first-time buyers but we explain why you should be super-cautious.

NOW LIVE: The rental revolution

House buying is a choice: it's not for everyone. Let's end the #rentstigma and help tenants take back control.