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Telematics or “black box” insurance has been a huge boon for young drivers. But when it goes wrong, it goes very badly wrong, as this investigation by the Victoria Derbyshire programme shows. It’s important not to let these extreme case studies put you off the tech altogether – I have been a longtime fan of telematics insurance – but it pays, perhaps, to be cautious about newer players in the market.

Money Diaries have been a phenomenon since they were pioneered by the “fe-mallennial” website Refinery 29. Their U.S editor explains how it all works behind-the-scenes. Money Diaries have really helped to push personal finance into the female media mainstream, and I’m all for it. However, I worry that they contribute to a culture of shame and judgement, rather than pride and compassion, when it comes to our money habits. I’ll elaborate on those thoughts at a later date!

I completely agree with top financial journalist, Simon Read, that pensions desperately need a rebrand. I am rather puzzled by the assertion that it’s patronising and even misogynist to want to make pensions more female-friendly. I have argued passionately that changing the language of pensions is a win-win, attracting women AND keeping the guys on board.

Rosie Bannister’s latest agony aunt column for Starling is super-helpful. It’s all very well having various payment methods today but how do you know which one to use and when? Rosie breaks it all down in a way I haven’t actually seen before.


My millennial railcard came to an end last week as I now fall outside the eligible window. 😢 But you can still take advantage if you’re aged 26 – 30. Try to do it the day before your birthday for maximum gain. And if you get one just prior to turning 31, you can make it last right up until you are 32! Nice one…

Natwest/RBS has been going through some major ch-ch-changes recently. The whole banking group has rebranded to Natwest but they’ve also upped their game by matching HSBC’S switching offer for its current account. So if you fancy £175 for doing very little, check it out. If you’re an overdraft borrower, make sure you understand how the banks have changed their rules and whether you’re getting a better or worse deal by changing. My recent guide should help you!

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    Peter Askew

    It might seem too simple Iona but referring to pensions as Savings helps to demystify them.

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