Tackling small pensions with Romi Savova of PensionBee

PensionBee, the pension cosolidation app, has floated on the London Stock Exchange today. The Own It! podcast recently chatted to Romi Savova, co-founder and CEO of PensionBee, and you can now watch our chat on YouTube.

We talk about the auto-enrolment revolution, the problem with small pension pots, how PensionBee works (and when it’s not suitable), plus plans being rustled up by the government and pensions industry to help people stay on top of their retirement savings: will they ever work? We end with a brief chat about PensionBee’s IPO, which has taken place on the high growth segment of the London Stock Exchange since this interview was recorded.

03.44 – what is auto-enrolment?

06.33 – the problem with small pension pots

09.05 – what’s pension consolidation?

11.22 – when consolidation isn’t the right thing

14.06 – what’s the pension dashboard?

18.06 – what’s the industry thinking about the dashboard?

19.50 – are there any other solutions?

23.00 – getting your pensions sorted!

24.30 – PensionBee IPO

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