Success for the campaign to #saveEUYO

Iona Bain

We have some unexpected but delightful news to report from the campaign to save the European Union Youth Orchestra!

Following Matt Bain’s barnstorming defence of this unique cultural institution on the blog last month, common sense – and decency – have both prevailed in Brussels.

An official EU Commission press briefing yesterday included the announcement that President Juncker has ordered a group of three Commissioners to find funding for the EUYO.

This announcement was followed by a press conference for the Culture meeting of the EYCS Council of Ministers, where the Council had also discussed and agreed the need for EU funding for the EUYO.

It comes just a few weeks after EUYO members publicly protested throughout Europe against the decision to cut funding. Players gathered to perform Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” outside London’s Festival Hall as well as in Amsterdam, Vienna, Romania and other places.

The committee behind the #saveEUYO campaign says: “Thanks to many many people for an astounding depth and breadth of support for the #SaveEUYO campaign, including a truly global grouping of orchestras, orchestra members and alumni, artists, cultural practitioners, audiences and politicians.

“We are under no illusions as to the amount of time that the process to agree the funding will take, nor that it is guaranteed until we have the correct detail in writing. However this is a significant moment in the Campaign. Thanks again for everyone’s support thus far.”

If you haven’t already, read Matt’s original blog explaining why the loss of EUYO would be so devastating – it is now the most highly viewed article on Y Money Y ever.


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