Quick tip – how to save bundles on your hairbuns

Iona Bain

If you’re in need of simple hair accessories (kirby grips, hairbands etc), it is tempting to pile these into your basket the next time you’re in a major beauty store, like Boots or Superdrug.

Don’t do this until you’ve shopped around. I found out today that you could be paying well over the odds for products that don’t justify the price tag. We’re talking a few quid here but it can really add up over time, especially if you’re like me and always short of hair accoutrements.

I’m currently looking for a doughnut ring (sounds yummy, but it’s actually a strange creation that helps to create stylish hair buns). I popped into a Superdrug in Glasgow and was surprised to see it was £5.09! This is not unusual among the big beauty retailers – it’s the same at Boots – but I counselled myself against buying it because I was convinced I could get it cheaper elsewhere.

Low and behold – Tiger, a stationery shop virtually next door, was selling one for £2! I’ve since found out that Primark knocks them out for just 99p.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the more expensive products show signs of superiority. Not so.

One beauty blogger put the Boots and Primark products head-to-head in a helpful review.


Guess which one Stacey Joanne Marie prefers? Yep, the Primark offering kept its shape for longer, leaving Boots’ marked-up doughnut well and truly in the shade, for both price AND quality.

£4.10 is a substantial saving to make just by walking further up your high street. So always check the cheap retailers – Primark, as well as pound shops – for basic hair accessories that won’t just do the job but might even be better rated by the beauty gurus out there.

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