Repurposing – Part 3

We are told it has been such a mild winter (really?) that there has been an explosion of moths – the little devils that eat your jumpers. One woman is reported to have been so desperate she spent £1000 on supposed antidotes, involving large quantities of chemicals.

But in the true spirit of repurposing I decided a while back to try Granny’s old-time tried and tested remedy:  soap.

Firstly, make sure that any clothes being put away in storage havebeen washed or dry-cleaned – that’s essential.

Secondly, keep your woollies in sealed containers or zipped plastic garment bags.

And thirdly the soap! The more scented the better.  I am using Wright’s Coal Tar, which I bought in B & M.

In the photo you can see all the bars on top of the jumpers.   But in reality I would only used two or three per box.  The rest I distribute in the cupboard and chest of drawers.

Of course the soap can eventually be used for its original purpose, and you will never run short!

This method has actually been used by my family for several generations, and I can promise you it works a treat.

*If you have any repurposing ideas you’d like to share, get in touch!

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