Repurposing – a creative kind of recycling

Put an end to jumbled in the drawer jewellery misery and get organised!

photo 1Do you have an obsolete CD Rack like this one?


I did and it was on its way to the recycling bin when I turned it on its side and it became a really useful ear-ring stand like this!

photo 2

I am amazed at how many pairs it holds…… so now I have caught the repurposing bug and will be on the lookout for how to give old household objects a new life.

Although I don’t think I will be going as far as one website I perused, where they had turned a bike into bathroom sink stand.  They had also sawed a bath in half to make a rather uncomfortable looking couch, stuck candles into lightbulbs, and claimed to have turned a shopping trolley into a chair,  and an old television into an aquarium – talk about big bucks compared with my idea!

Their piece de resistance was a grand piano supposedly converted into a garden water feature, with water cascading out of the keys.

If you want a good laugh (but don’t hold your breath for useful ideas) it’s at



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