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How our generation can invest our way to a better future.

Are you young and feeling left behind financially? It doesn’t have to be this way. The UK’s leading millennial money expert, Iona Bain, is on a mission to help young people own their futures, once and for all.

Low wages, high house prices, zero reward for saving and the catastrophic fallout from Covid-19… young people have had a rough ride. But we have a choice. We can sleepwalk into a poorer future – or we can transform our prospects by embracing the power of investing.

Iona is here to demystify savings, pensions and investing for a new generation. Whether it’s robo-advisers or auto-enrolment, green investing or forex on Instagram, Iona will break down what it all means so YOU can take charge of your long-term finances.

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In this fun, wise and incredibly helpful book, Iona explains why investing matters. She also shows you how to get your basic finances right, save for your first home and make your pension socially responsible. You’ll find out all about the rewards and risks of online investing, from sexy stockpicking apps to digital wealth managers, and learn how to manage your long-term finances so you can avoid major mistakes and achieve your goals.

Investing often gets a bad rep thanks to the Wolf of Wall Street, social media scams and high-rolling money men. In fact, investing has never been more accessible, more interesting – and more important. It’s the single biggest thing that we can do to change our lives, and society, for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start owning it!

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It may seem cliche to suggest that coffee and lunches are the sole reason for not being to buy a house, but for many a big spending review can increase your deposit and get you closer to ownership. Iona Bain – Founder of Young Money Blog & Agency and author of OWN IT! How our generation can invest our way to a better future, agrees.
Radio 4 Woman's Hour
Radio 4 Woman's Hour@BBCWomansHour
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Iona Bain, author of new book Own It! talks about young women's finances over the past 12 months and offers her top tips for managing money in the future.
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Iona Bain, author of Own It, tells British Vogue. “Prior to Covid-19, most of us were buying stuff that rarely brought lasting fulfilment, and that we were too stressed and time-poor to appreciate. We were paying a huge convenience premium and relying on expensive crutches (like takeaways) to make our workings lives easier. And we all too easily succumbed to lifestyle creep, becoming more high-maintenance when our income went up, and viewing luxuries more and more as essentials.” Plenty of us also realised “how much we overspend on commuting,” continues Bain, as well as “busy working lifestyles, frantic socialising, and saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone”.
The Evidence-Based Investor
The Evidence-Based Investor@RobinJPowell
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“Don’t get mad, get informed” — Iona Bain’s motto from The Young Money blog is timely to say the least. Millennials like her have had a bad time of it in recent years. The 2008 financial crisis followed by the economic catastrophe of the coronavirus pandemic. Savings rates and home ownership alike have nose-dived. And it’s all disproportionately affected young people in financial terms. With all that in mind, it seems perfectly reasonable for young people to feel that their only option is to bury their head in the sand. But in her new book Own it! Bain is determined to steer fellow millennials towards financial success.
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Unfortunately, the scope of the crisis that Covid-19 will leave in its wake is much wider than those before it. “The last financial crash was a purely economic crisis, but this has been a public health, social and economic crisis,” Iona Bain, financial expert, author of Own It! How Our Generation Can Invest Our Way To A Better Future and co-host of a brand new podcast of the same name, says.

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*Available via paperback and ebook

Want more information on how to manage your money?

Iona’s first book ‘Spare Change’ helps readers to take control and get the most out of their finances from the practical advice on how to save and tips on how to make their money go further to dealing with socialising on a budget.
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