Not keen on the bankers? Join us in October to become an ethical finance pioneer

Iona Bain

The recession made a lot of us to stop to question what we’re doing with our money.

Is it there purely for self-enrichment? To get on in life, regardless of the consequences?

Or can it be used as an expression of our values, to help trigger the kind of changes we ALL want to see in society?

Capitalism has taken a big knock in recent years but many believe the answer to many of our problems is a new, more conscientious attitude to personal finance. One which allows us to use our money for socially worthwhile causes, to help the environment, to build up local businesses and to shun retailers who do not act for the common good.

So I am delighted to be taking part in a FREE workshop for young people this October in Edinburgh as part of Good Money Week.

The event will take place on a Saturday and will be hosted by the Church of Scotland, but people of all denominations and none are welcome to come and hear my universal message that BEING good with money must mean DOING good with money.

It will be part of a wider programme of events that lasts a whole morning, featuring a host of ethical finance pioneers such Tessa Tennant, John Preston, Sabrina Groschel, Adrian Shaw and Kelly McIntyre. This is the REAL future of finance and intensely relevant to a generation of disaffected young consumers…so don’t miss it.

Date: 3 Oct, starting at 9.30 and finishing with a free buffet lunch at 13:30.

Venue: St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church of Scotland, George Street, Edinburgh

Cost: Free and a complimentary buffet lunch will be provided

Workshops topics:

Financial capability skills for young people, Iona Bain
The Good Money App, John Preston
Ethical Money Churches, Sabrina Groschel
Divestment, Adrian Shaw
Community Shares Scotland, Kelly McIntyre

Book your free place at Eventbrite, Download the programme and download a flyer…see you there!


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  1. Avatar

    Great article Iona, is the Good Money Week a national initiative or Scottish?

    1. youngmoneyblog

      Thanks Vanessa. No it’s a national initiative with regional offshoots like this. Would be good to catch up sometime!

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