Move over Black Friday – today is Civilised Saturday!

Sick of Black Friday? Well, you can have a classier Christmas shopping experience – if you know where to go. This article is packed with tips on how to get the most out of Civilised Saturday and other destinations for the more discerning consumer…

Iona Bain

Move over Black Friday. There is a new, classier alternative being offered by independent retailers this year – and it’s showing us all what Christmas shopping should REALLY be like.

Taking place the day after Black Friday, Civilised Saturday is a brilliant new initiative from the Booksellers Association and promises to be the “perfect antidote” to the American retail juggernaut that has hijacked our festive shopping in recent years.

Independent bookshops across the country will be serving champagne and cake, playing classical music and hosting all kinds of brilliant events, from readings by authors to treasure hunts.

There’ll even be a few juicy discounts along the way.

So you can stop fighting over TVs and scrambling for online deals – there’s a new way to shop for your Christmas presents. We’ll show you how it’s done…

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