Morning Live: Iona gives her take on inflation

I was BACK on BBC Morning Live for my first studio appearance of 2023 to chat about the latest inflation 👀 – is it good or bad news?

In truth, a bit of both. It’s good that inflation is dropping but don’t expect it to feed into lower bills anytime soon – it just means prices aren’t rising as quickly.

Nonetheless, I really dig into today’s data to pick out some trends that I think are positive – yes, food inflation is still nasty but fuel costs are falling and while housing inflation (which includes energy bills) isn’t budging, falling wholesale gas prices should mean lower bills later in the year, should the current conditions continue.

In the meantime, expect energy bills to rise in April when the energy price guarantee is tweaked, find out your own inflation and start keeping the receipts when you’re out shopping (if you’re not already in the habit) to get a real idea of what’s going on in your weekly shop, item by item.


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