Letter to our readers

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the new look Young Money Blog – now known as Y Money Y!

We may have lost our adorable piggies with the sunglasses (sorry old chaps) in favour of a new, more modern look. But we haven’t lost sight of the blog’s original ethos. Now more than ever, Y Money Y is *the* website to visit if you’re looking for quality, independent journalism covering all the big issues affecting young people’s finances (with hopefully a dash of humour and panache along the way…)

So why the change to Y Money Y? Many young visitors to the site may be wondering why they ought to learn about personal finance. I think the reasons are self-evident: volatile jobs market, rising rents, our complex consumer economy…I could go on. But the sad truth is that members of generation Y never got the financial education they deserved when they were younger. They go into this world believing personal finance is boring, complicated and scary.

As a result, many don’t improve their knowledge, and are left at the mercy of a labyrinthine financial sector and a political agenda skewed towards older voters.

So Y Money Y is for all those members of gen Y now asking: “Why should we bother learning about money?” I think our title, and all the content we offer answering that question, represents that perfectly.

We want to offer news, guidance and most of all solidarity to those wanting to improve their financial situation. We also want Y Money Y to be a social enterprise, giving a voice to young people from all backgrounds and contributing to the public discussion around gen Y’s prosperity.

We’re not one of the big guys with millions of pounds behind us. We’re not going to try and compete with the likes of Moneysavingexpert or any of the big newspaper sites around. We’re not going to churn out content, push advertising at you and spam you with countless emails if you sign up to our mailing list. We’re only small but we’re focused on proper journalism and we’ll only discuss products or providers that we trust and like. We’re on YOUR side.

So if you like what we’re trying to do, become a subscriber TODAY and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a Samsung smartphone. Bookmark us, follow us on Twitter (@ionayoungmoney) and tell your friends. Check out our archives and email ionabain[at]hotmail.com with suggestions, questions, feedback and readers’ letters. Our re-launch is only just underway and we’re very excited about what the future holds.

Yours frugally,


Editor and Founder of Y Money Y

(P.S. If you love the piggies like I did, we’ve popped them on this post and on my Twitter account for the foreseeable future. Hooray!)

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