Is wearable tech REALLY worth the money?

Iona Bain

Brits have splashed out at least £1.4billion on gym contracts, designer gym gear and fancy wearable tech so far this year, according to . That number is set to soar in the next few weeks as many of us – rightly or wrongly – aspire to get ‘beach body ready’.

But should we exercise a bit more restraint when it comes to fitness spending? We investigate which fitness fads are a big fat waste of money, and suggest alternative ways to keep our budgets AND bodies trim this summer.


They’re the super-smart gadgets taking the fitness word by storm. But wearable tech doesn’t come cheap. A Jawbone Up3 fitness band costs £130, while a FITBIT Charge HR Fitness Band will set you back £120.

So are users getting bang for their buck? Not according to an American study published earlier this year.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania pitted fancy gadgets, like the Jawbone bracelet, against bog-standard smartphone apps to see which would measure our daily step count more accurately.

The result? Smartphone apps typically worked far better, despite costing next to nothing. A separate study from the University of Iowa also found that some wearable tech bands could be overestimating our calorie burn by as much as 40%.

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