Iona’s tips for Vogue on nailing your lockdown finances

The year 2020 changed a lot of things for everyone. But it wasn’t all bad. For some of us, working from home (and a lack of social engagements) was an unexpected opportunity to save some cash. Others, of course, were not so lucky, with many people being furloughed or taking pay cuts, too.

“Working from home, changing jobs or not working at all will have made many people question what they want out of life,” Iona Bain, author of Own It, tells British Vogue. “Prior to Covid-19, most of us were buying stuff that rarely brought lasting fulfilment, and that we were too stressed and time-poor to appreciate. We were paying a huge convenience premium and relying on expensive crutches (like takeaways) to make our workings lives easier. And we all too easily succumbed to lifestyle creep, becoming more high-maintenance when our income went up, and viewing luxuries more and more as essentials.” Plenty of us also realised “how much we overspend on commuting,” continues Bain, as well as “busy working lifestyles, frantic socialising, and saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone”.

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