Let’s have the inflation conversation – Ep 5 of Own It!

Inflation is something that affects almost every aspect of our finances, from the cost of a haircut – if we can get one, that is! – to the investment strategy we might pursue.

Now a new £1.4 trillion stimulus package in the U.S, more money-printing & a post-Covid spending boom is making inflation a real possibility.

Iona and Simon discuss the factors that may drive inflation and how young people can protect themselves against whatever happens.

Iona says:

“The bottom line is that shares are going to be a lot trickier to navigate in the coming years and that you may not find some of the easy wins that were possible with tech companies, that you may have to go hunting for what are commonly known as ‘value’ companies, i.e. undervalued companies that have got real promise and potential, so that could really change the dynamics of investing in years to come.”

Listen to the full episode on Apple podcasts and Spotify now.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not financial advice. We do not offer specific recommendations in this video. For those, you should seek out a qualified financial adviser.

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