I’m appearing at the Ideal Home Show tomorrow

Iona Bain

I’ll be making my first-ever appearance at the Ideal Home Show on Thursday 30th March at 7pm to discuss my acclaimed book Spare Change.

Produced in conjunction with the award-winning Young Money Blog, Spare Change is an empowering, thought-provoking and ultimately life-changing read.

I’ll be taking the audience through the need-to-know aspects of their finances that they may well have been neglecting, offering short, sharp tips on how they can INSTANTLY improve the way they think and feel about money.

With advice on keeping money in perspective, getting the best deals on the things that matter, trimming everyday spending and saving to make your dreams happen, this is the ultimate presentation for anyone who feels outta control when it comes to their spending and will give them the tools to be better off in the long-term.

Starting at 7pm in the Ideal Home Show Main Theatre, the presentation will include a 20 – 30 minute talk, 10 minute Q and A and 15 minute window for buying/signing copies of Spare Change.

To find out more about Spare Change, click here.

To see my show in the Ideal Home Show guide, click here.

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