FT Money Clinic Podcast: Budgeting as a graduate

Could there be a worse year than 2020 to graduate from university? Lockdown disrupted final exams, not to mention final goodbyes.

As companies reel from the economic impact of the coronavirus, graduates face one of the toughest recruitment markets in recent times. On this week’s episode of the Money Clinic podcast, Claer Barrett chats to 21-year-old graduate Olly.

He’s one of the lucky ones, having landed a traineeship with a big accountancy firm in the City of London — but his start date has been put back to January 2021. Some of the friends Olly planned to rent a flat in London with have pulled out as their graduate job offers have been withdrawn.

When he does make it to the big smoke, how will his career prospects will be affected by having to work from home? And can his love of spreadsheets help him budget for regular savings and investments?

Financial expert Iona Bain has plenty of tips for young workers starting out in their careers and renting a flat for the first time (and also, some pointers for parents). Jonathan Black, the head of careers at Oxford university, provides words of wisdom about the recruitment market and how to work around the challenges that Covid-19 has brought to the workplace.

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