Facebook stream: Nail your student finances with Iona & experts

If you enjoyed my last Facebook stream with Young Scot, I have good news – we’ve done another one, this time on student finances.

In the second part of my Cash Chats series with Young Scot, I joined two more brilliant experts alongside the lovely Dane to discuss top budgeting and money management tips for students.

Tips include:

  • Getting your Young Person’s railcard to save 30% on journeys
  • Shopping secondhand to find brilliant bargains
  • Consider starting an online side hustle from your student flat to earn extra cash
  • Figure out if you’re a visual person who’d like a geeky budgeting app or the more human touch of a financial chatbot
  • Go global on your food choices – look at smaller, multi-ethnic local shops to get essential ingredients cheaper
  • Don’t struggle on your own with student finances. Get help from your university and seek out hardship/bursary funds if need be

We’ll be doing our third and final Cash Chat later this month, this time on working and employment rights. So make sure you keep an eye on Young Scot’s Facebook page.

Learn and enjoy!

Dane from Young Scot chats to Iona Bain, founder of the Young Money blog, Nina Ballantyne from Citizens Advice Scotland…

Posted by Young Scot on Wednesday, 26 August 2020

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