Episode 3 of Own It! Bitcoin & green money with the FT’s Alice Ross

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Own It! Podcast with Iona & Simon Bain.

In Episode 3, Simon & Iona chat about Bitcoin’s recent volatility & whether there’s more to it than meets the eye. Iona talks to Alice Ross, journalist at the FT and author of Investing to Save the Planet, about the growth of green money and how ordinary investors can align their money with their values, while Iona & Simon look at how much green investing has changed over the years and some of the hidden hazards involved.

1″42: Bitcoin with S&I
11″27: Green money with Alice Ross
37”41: Green money with S&I

Investing to Save the Planet is now available to buy.

You can now WATCH episode 2 of the Own It podcast on on the Young Money Youtube channel.

The research mentioned on trade-offs within ESG policies is free to read here.

CLARIFICATION: it’s mentioned in the pod that well over 90% of these supercomputers don’t live longer than 2 years, but a more reliable stat is that the average lifespan of super-computers involved in Bitcoin mining is one and a half years.


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