Come to my (free) event at Henley Literary Festival!

Iona Bain

I am very excited to announce that I’ll be part of the line-up for Henley Literary Festival 2016!

I will be taking part in a (hopefully) fascinating discussion with Catharine Flood, part of the team at Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, during the week-long festival.

Catharine and I will be interviewing one another about our respective careers, influences and views on that most vital of subjects: MONEY.

We’ll be attempting to answer some pretty mindblowing questions like; why do most of us have such a difficult relationship with money and how we can improve it? Why is investing shunned by so many? How much are Britons losing out every year by failing to take control of their finances?

Catharine will firstly grill me about my debut book Spare Change, the key issues it explores and why every young person in the UK needs to be clued up about their finances.

I will then turn the spotlight onto Catharine, who works on client relations for Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust at Baillie Gifford, the headline sponsor of Henley 2016. What is the trust’s investment strategy? What are the industries of the future that we all need to keep an eye on? How can we spot promising investment opportunities? And what the heck are investment trusts when they’re at home with fluffy slippers on?

Ironically for a discussion all about money, I’m delighted to say it is TOTALLY FREE! However, booking is recommended so make sure you bag yourself a seat by following this link at the website.

It’s taking place at Henley Town Hall in the lovely Thames-side town on Thursday 29th September, starting at 6.30pm. There’ll also be about 20 minutes to ask questions and interrogate Catharine and/or me (if you so dare)!

And if you’re minded to make a trip of it, there are still tickets available for a ton of events. Other speakers appearing include Nadiya Hussain, Sara Pascoe, Jeremy Paxman and the Archbishop of York John Sentamu.

I’ll also be selling (signed) copies of my book Spare Change but if you want to bone up ahead of the event, please do! Buy your copy today for the bargainous price of £8.99.

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