Chatting finance on R1’s Life Hacks podcast

It was fantastic to make my debut on Radio 1’s Life Hacks podcast recently for a Corona finance special.

I joined Katie Thistleton and Dr Radha to discuss how to manage your money and cope with your financial fears during lockdown.

I have been a regular on the Radio 1 show since last year but this was my first time on the popular spin-off podcast, whose previous guests include Stormzy and Jade Thirlwall.

Here is a snippet:

“I think lockdown is going to completely change most people’s relationship with both their JOB and money. When they come out of this period, they may understand the things that REALLY matter to them, and that actually a lot of those things DON’T involve money. The biggest mistake we make with money is that we forget that it’s just a means to an end – not an end itself.”

Check out my Radio 1 Life Hacks special by clicking this link!

Radio 1 Life Hacks

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