BBC Made Of Money Show – find me on TV and radio this week!

Iona Bain

I am delighted to have been a contributor to this new BBC documentary, designed to teach young people about budgeting, saving, debt and cutting costs. Presented by Newsbeat’s lovely Adina Campbell, it’s a must-watch if you want to brush up your financial basics (what’s APR? How does compound interest work? How on earth do I avoid getting into shedloads of debt?)

It’s being shown on BBC 2 Scotland at 10pm, so viewers up north can watch it live.

But if you live elsewhere (or just can’t wait!), here is the BBC iPlayer link below

I also appeared on the Radio One Surgery on Sunday evening, which I hugely enjoyed! I was promoting the new show and giving (hopefully) helpful advice and reassurance to young listeners about their money worries. I answered various questions about how to budget, how to avoid debt and how to avoid spending serious cash you don’t have.

Listen below on the iPlayer for more!!/

I’ll also be doing a live webchat during Thursday night’s show, from 10pm onwards – just go to the Made of Money website and I’ll be there answering your questions.

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