Another case for the freak fire file

Iona Bain

Two quick-thinking cleaners prevented a house fire getting out of control in Edinburgh by stopping their van and using the water-jet they carry in the back.

With the occupants away, the fire is said to have been caused by a magnifying mirror reflecting the sun’s rays onto a sofa.

The early morning blaze could have spread devastation in smart Trinity Crescent Edinburgh, but for cleaning team Raymond Peacock and Paul Seggie, the Mail reports today.

Iona reported for The Herald in March on the dangers of freak mirror fires, after a series of incidents in London and the South of England  in which mirrors left on window-sills or dressing-tables directed sunlight onto furniture……… and gutted entire homes.

The Scottish police at the time said they did not have any figures for similar incidents.

Is it time for magnifying mirrors to carry a warning?

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