And now for some good news!

This weekend, we had a rare slice of positive financial news amid the incessant doom and gloom. Find out why car insurance costs are AT LAST coming down…

Iona Bain


Car insurance costs are actually falling (by an average of £100) as insurers become far smarter at detecting fraud, which can bump up our premiums and keep young drivers, sadly notorious for causing accidents, off our roads.

What a depressing scenario that can halt the financial progress, mobility and independence of any young go-getter. Thankfully, a new innovation that I have road-tested in the past – the little black box – has become a tried and tested way of keeping tabs on risky driving and proving to insurers that we can be trusted behind the wheel.

If you’d like to know more, please have a look my previous blogs, going back a few years now, where I scotch all the scepticism surrounding this so-called ‘spy in the car’ and discuss various ways that YOU could save money on your car insurance.

Check them out!

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