Saving more in 2020: my tips for the Guardian
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Saving more in 2020: my tips for the Guardian


Last week, I was quoted in the Guardian’s starter guide to saving money as part of their series on “how to get your life in order”. It offer lots of useful nuggets on how to put away more money for the future – read on and learn!

Much like going for a run or eating your greens, saving your cash offers long-term benefits, but is not always appealing. And, let’s face it, there are always good reasons not to lock your money away – confusion over different accounts, fear of making the wrong choice, or feeling as though you don’t have enough money to make it worthwhile can all outweigh the best intentions. But, as the NHS’s Couch to 5K programme taught us about exercise, things are a lot less overwhelming if you start small and build up.

It is never too late – or too early – to start

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Don’t worry if you have been putting it off for years – you can’t be too old to start saving. Whatever your age, you need to decide that saving is something you want, or need, to do, says Iona Bain, the founder of the blog Young Money. After all, she points out, “saving is only possible with motivation”.

If you are struggling to feel driven, she has advice: “Saving gives you choices in the future. Once you start understanding that it’s still your money, just put somewhere safe in case you need it, you start finding that motivation that will make saving much easier.”

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