I hope you like the new face of the ground-breaking Young Money Blog, established in 2011.

I’m its founder, Iona Bain. I’ve become a go-to voice on millennial money and an author, writer, speaker & broadcaster. 

Now I’m in my 30s, I want to talk about the big financial issues affecting us in a mature, informed and constructive way.

So welcome to Young(ish) Money – a place for anyone who’s young at heart but wants grown-up conversations about all things money. 

(P.S. No, I can’t really juggle. But yes, I’m as ginger as they come.)

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How our generation can invest our way to a better future.

Are you young and feeling left behind financially? It doesn’t have to be this way. The UK’s leading millennial money expert, Iona Bain, is on a mission to help young people own their futures, once and for all.

In this fun, wise and incredibly helpful book, Iona explains why investing matters. She also shows you how to get your basic finances right, save for your first home and make your pension socially responsible. You’ll find out all about the rewards and risks of online investing, from sexy stockpicking apps to digital wealth managers, and learn how to manage your long-term finances so you can avoid major mistakes and achieve your goals.

Want more information on how to manage your money?

Iona’s first book ‘Spare Change’ helps readers to take control and get the most out of their finances. From practical advice on how to save to tips on how to socialise on a budget, it’s the perfect introduction to personal finance.

*Available via eBook or Limited edition coffee table book